Shopping Tips



At Poffie Girls we believe that every bride deserves a special and personal experience. We ask that you visit us by appointment so that we may provide you with an intimate, personalized experience while helping you find the perfect wedding gown for your special day.


  1. Select your venue
    1. Before you shop for your dress, you should have your wedding date and venue selected.  It will be much easier for you to choose your dress when you can envision yourself wearing your gown in the setting of your wedding.
  2. Determine your price point
    1. Make sure to factor in a budget for your wedding gown and let your stylist know your budget range and the amount that you do not want to go over. Your stylist will pull gowns below your budget, around your budget, but will not pull above your budget without your approval.
    2. Remember there will be other wedding attire expenses to consider so make sure to allow a budget for your veil, headpiece, jewelry, shoes, etc.
  3. Start shopping 8-12 months before your date
    1. Wedding dresses take up to 6 months to be made and come to our store. Then you will need 8 weeks for alterations. Don’t forget to tell your stylist if you are having bridal portraits, you will need to add an additional two months to your ordering process.
    2. You don’t have this kind of time?  No worries, some designers offer rush services, but be prepared to pay an extra fee. 
    3. Also, we have hundreds of ready to wear wedding dresses with reduced prices and ready for you to take home today for those really close wedding dates.
  4. Make an appointment and Create your Wishlist
    1. You can make an appointment or call 704-866-0198. Once your appointment is made, you will receive a text and email to fill out a form about your wedding so your stylist will be prepared for your appointment.
    2. A bridal account will be texted to you as well where you can select styles of dresses through our look book. The look book contains wedding and bridesmaid dresses we have in our store to try on. Choose your top favorites and your stylist will have a few ready for you to try on when you arrive. 
  5. Limit Your Number of Guests
    1. This is a very exciting time in your life and you want to share it with all of your loved ones. Bringing a large group with you to shop is usually overwhelming and too many opinions can be detrimental to making decisions.  Our boutique can only seat up to 4 guests comfortably so you will want to be selective when inviting guests to share in your special day.
    2. When selecting your guests make sure to bring positive, uplifting people that understands who you are, what you like, and understand that this day is about you choosing your gown.  Remember this is your day and you are the one wearing the gown.


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