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About Us


As a single mother of modest means in the 70’s with no retail or business experience, Syble faced many challenges when she decided to open a local bridal salon. The economic times were bad and banks felt that women were a loan risk and treated them differently from men in business. However, Syble had a passion, determination, and a commitment to meeting the needs of her customers.


Poffie Girls reputation for honesty, high quality products, competitive pricing, and of course, real customer service has allowed Poffie Girls to expand and become one of the top Bridal Salons in the Southeast. In 1991 Syble and her husband, Bob, purchased the present location, and renovated the 7,000 square foot Southern Mansion style home built in 1917.


Where did the name Poffie Girls come from? When Syble’s daughter, Pam, was very young her brother, Tim, gave her the nickname Poffie because of her frilly dresses and graceful mannerisms. What a splendid name for the business, a name as unique as every bride that would walk through its doors.


After 40 years of serving women in all of their special events, Syble is passing along her knowledge and experience to her daughter. Pam has worked in every aspect of the business with guidance from her mom and will continue to work as Operations Manager. She now looks forward to taking Poffie Girls to a whole new level by making it more efficient and by working smarter and not harder.


Syble still stops in occasionally to be sure the store is continuing her legacy and commitment to details that made Poffie Girls what it is today.