Meet the Team

Photo of the Syble Latta

Syble Latta


Role at store: Owner, traveler, painter, decision maker, lightbulb changer, buyer, stylist and like a loving parent to us all.

Passion: Family and Poffie Girls

Favorite Bridal Style: Traditional Silk Ballgown

Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy

Favorite Flowers: Hydrangeas

You Have to Taste This: My Pineapple Casserole

Photo of the Pam



The original Poffie Girl! The store is named after her.

Community Involvement: Board Member of Women Optimizing Wellness of Gaston County, Debutante Member, Gaston Chamber of Commerce Member

Favorite Bridal Style: Classic Clean Styles

I Cannot Live Without: My Daughter and Family

Little Known Fact about me: I'm "Poffie" and I used to do Barefoot Skiing

Best Wedding Gown Shopping Advice: Give yourself at least 6 - 9 months to order your dress

Photo of the Vicki


Star Senior Stylist

Everyday style: 
It’s all about the bling!

Favorite Vacation: 
Disney World

Best Wedding Dress Shopping Advice: 
Bring your mom and bestie and not the entire wedding party. To many opinions make the decision harder to make. Relax, enjoy and make lots of memories.

Favorite Bridal Style: 
Fit and Flare. Show off what your mamma gave you!
Photo of the Alicia


Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Manager

Starbucks order: 
Hot Water...then I add my own Skinny Brew.

Favorite Vacation Spot: 
Anywhere with sand and palm trees.

Can't Live Without: My two fur babies Sailor and Skipper

Best Wedding Dress Shopping Advice: 
You don't wear a wedding dress everyday, so be bold. Pick one and fall in love and buy. Don't shop till you drop.

Photo of the Cindy


Office Administrator

Hometown: Mount Holly

Passion: my grandchildren

Everyday Personal Style: Comfortable and casual 

Perfect Day off: A walk in the woods, knitting time, a good book and no cooking

Community Involvement: Moms in Prayer Org, Crossway Community Church, Women’s Bible Study

Photo of the Courtney


Office Manager

Photo of the Lauren


Assistant Store Manager

Photo of the Sophie


Prom Manager

Favorite Vacation Spot: Jackson Hole, WY

Favorite Flower: Sunflowers

Perfect Day off: Day trip to Boone

I Cannot Live without: Sweet Tea and Jesus

Photo of the Savannah


Bridal Stylist

Photo of the Hannah B

Hannah B

Bridal Stylist

Photo of the Jennifer


Bridal Stylist

Photo of the Chelsea


Bridal Stylist

Photo of the Rachele


Bridal Stylist

Photo of Anna


Bridal Stylist


Bridal Stylist