Meet the Team

Syble Latta


Role at store: Owner, traveler, painter, decision maker, lightbulb changer, buyer, stylist and like a loving parent to us all.

Passion: Family and Poffie Girls

Favorite Bridal Style: Traditional Silk Ballgown

Favorite Vacation Spot: Italy

Favorite Flowers: Hydrangeas

You Have to Taste This: My Pineapple Casserole



The original Poffie Girl! The store is named after her.

Community Involvement: Board Member of Women Optimizing Wellness of Gaston County, Debutante Member, Gaston Chamber of Commerce Member

Favorite Bridal Style: Classic Clean Styles

I Cannot Live Without: My Daughter and Family

Little Known Fact about me: I'm "Poffie" and I used to do Barefoot Skiing

Best Wedding Gown Shopping Advice: Give yourself at least 6 - 9 months to order your dress


Star Senior Stylist

Everyday style: 
It’s all about the bling!

Favorite Vacation: 
Disney World

Best Wedding Dress Shopping Advice: 
Bring your mom and bestie and not the entire wedding party. To many opinions make the decision harder to make. Relax, enjoy and make lots of memories.

Favorite Bridal Style: 
Fit and Flare. Show off what your mamma gave you!


Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Manager

Starbucks order: 
Hot Water...then I add my own Skinny Brew.

Favorite Vacation Spot: 
Anywhere with sand and palm trees.

Can't Live Without: My two fur babies Sailor and Skipper

Best Wedding Dress Shopping Advice: 
You don't wear a wedding dress everyday, so be bold. Pick one and fall in love and buy. Don't shop till you drop.


Office Administrator

Hometown: Mount Holly

Passion: my grandchildren

Everyday Personal Style: Comfortable and casual 

Perfect Day off: A walk in the woods, knitting time, a good book and no cooking

Community Involvement: Moms in Prayer Org, Crossway Community Church, Women’s Bible Study


Office Manager


Assistant Store Manager


Prom Manager

Favorite Vacation Spot: Jackson Hole, WY

Favorite Flower: Sunflowers

Perfect Day off: Day trip to Boone

I Cannot Live without: Sweet Tea and Jesus


Bridal Stylist

Hannah B

Bridal Stylist


Bridal Stylist


Bridal Stylist


Bridal Stylist