Bridesmaid Styling 101

Bridesmaid Styling 101. Mobile Image

Oct 07, 2020

Bridesmaids have the important duty of supporting the bride on her special day. Anyone with such an important job should look and feel their best. Today we are bringing you some ideas on how to style your bridesmaids so everyone can feel confident on the big day!


A Hint of Color - Sorella Vita Style #9258

Weddings are fun and the colors that surround the bride and groom should reflect that! This Sorella Vita dress comes in over 30 amazing colors and bridesmaids dresses that are a fun color are a great way to tie in your accent color to the bridal party.


Color Scheme - Christina Wu Style #22957

Matching your bridesmaids’ dresses to the environment surrounding them is a popular way to style your girls.  Becoming one with your wedding location is just one way to make the space truly yours! For beach weddings, try colors that naturally appear at the beach such as cream and blue colors.


Almost Alike - Sorella Vita Style #9206 (Center Dress)

The best way to ensure your bridesmaids feel and look their best is to let them pick out a dress from a small selection you have decided on! This is a trending wedding style as the bride and groom still get the look they want and the bridesmaids get to wear a dress of their personal style, everybody wins!


Shine Bright - Morilee Style 21639

Who doesn’t love sparkles? Colors such as rose gold, silver, and gold are dazzling and beautiful on many skin tones, so this is the perfect way to share the spotlight with some of your favorite people!


Bridesmaid Jumpsuit - Morilee Style 21626

For the modern bride wanting an edgy twist to her wedding, try out a bridesmaid jumpsuit like this style from Morilee. This jumpsuit is great for all seasons and it’s comfortable so your girls can dance the night away!


Poffie Girls has a large selection of bridesmaids dresses of various styles. Come visit us online or in-store to find the dress (or jumpsuit)  your bridesmaids will love!